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Digital video infrastructure

Comprehensive digital video infrastructure with private CDN and global footprint for storage redundancy and reliability. Delivers high quality video with next to zero latency and cost-efficiency.


High capacity,
high performance

Layered caching designed to handle large volumes of video traffic. Intelligent routing optimized for video streaming. Advanced streaming protocols to significantly reduce latency:
HLS, DASH, LL HLS combined with network stack tuning.


Algorithms optimized
for video delivery

Intelligent caching

Kinescope's caching policy accounts for consumption patterns throughout the video life cycle. This enables hit ratios of up to 97% or higher.

Close to the viewer

Kinescope uses high capacity caching servers with SSD caching closer to the end user. This significantly reduces loading time and prevents buffering.

Пример кеширования видео

Video content
security and protection

All videos have multi-level protection against unauthorized access. From private signatures and CORS policy to enterprise DRM protection with ClearKey and Apple FairPlay technologies, Kinescope ensures your videos are delivered securely. In addition, Kinescope provides mitigation against DDoS and other attack vectors.

Защита контента

Reliable CDN geared for
unexpected workloads

> 4 Tb

external network capacity


system uptime percent


traffic growth in the past year

min of video watched everyday

More than just a CDN, it’s all-encompassing digital video platform

Customizable video player

Lightweight, blazing-fast and adaptable to any screen. Color scheme and controls are easily customized to suit your brand's design and objectives.

Smart marketing tools

CTA buttons and lead forms located inside the player help drive further sales for your business. Annotation links, chapters, and attachments boost audience engagement throughout the viewing experience.

Intuitive dashboard

Conveniently manage ten or ten thousand videos using projects, filters, tags, and folders. Take complete control without disruption from ads or recommendations.

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Customizable player with an eye-catching design for any screen.

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BUILT WITH Kinescope

Kinescope helps us respond faster to our customers' video related needs.

Andrey Zharikov, CTO Netology

Мы в восторге от Кинескоп! Наша конверсия увеличилась в тысячу раз

Николай Балахнин, СТО Нетологии

Мы в восторге от Кинескоп! Наша конверсия увеличилась в тысячу раз

Николай Балахнин, СТО Нетологии

Мы в восторге от Кинескоп! Наша конверсия увеличилась в тысячу раз

Николай Балахнин, СТО Нетологии

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